"Triple H is on a whole other level," exclaims the WWE Universe in awe of the popular gimmick's return after more than six years

Bettingsuretips Official
20th Jul, 2023

Since Shawn Michaels was appointed as the brand's creative director by Triple H upon the entry of the new management team into the company, WWE's NXT has evolved into a different product. On last night's NXT, the 'Lone Wolf' gimmick returned, and fans went absolutely nuts.

When WWE Hall of Famer JBL had had enough of Baron Corbin losing every match on Monday Night RAW, the two parted ways earlier this year. Prior, to WrestleMania 39, the former United States Champion continued to lose matches before eventually making a comeback to NXT.

The Lone Wolf gimmick was revived by Baron Corbin last night for the first time in more than six years, shocking the entire globe. Sadly, he was unable to retain both his original theme and his previous gimmick.

When Corbin changed his name to Constable Corbin and engaged in a rivalry with the current General Manager of Monday Night RAW, Kurt Angle, in 2018, he entirely dropped the gimmick. It will be interesting to see what Corbin does next on the Lone Wolf development brand.

Recently, Baron Corbin returned to WWE NXT and attacked the title.

Under Triple H's new leadership last year, some superstars regained their old themes and gimmicks returned. The corporation made the decision to work on a number of gimmicks that were successful in the developmental brand and attempted to reproduce the magic for the audience of the main roster.

Triple H, however, waited some time before returning Baron Corbin's previous gimmick. As the Lone Wolf during his debut season on the main roster, Corbin won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale and the United States Championship on WWE SmackDown.

Unfortunately, Baron Corbin was frequently hired by the previous administration under several guises, including Constable Corbin, King Corbin, Broke Corbin, and Happy Corbin, but none of these guises was particularly successful with the crowd. Corbin returned to WWE NXT earlier this year after Triple H declared him a free agent during the Draft.

Corbin engaged in a conflict with NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes after returning to the developmental brand, earning himself a shot at the championship. He revived the Lone Wolf persona last night and dominated Melo in their title bout. After losing to the champion, it will be interesting to watch where Corbin goes with the brand.