Joining the LWO, according to Zelina Vega, has altered both her life and her job in WWE.

Ella Jason
30th Jul, 2023

In 2017, Zelina Vega made her WWE debut. She became the first-ever Queen of the Ring after that and went on to win the Women's Tag Team Championships.

Zelina made her first face since joining the organization when Legado Del Fantasma and Rey Mysterio reformed the LWO earlier this year.

The Puerto Rican Superstar recently discussed how joining the group has affected her life and career in an interview with Wrestlesphere.

My life, my wrestling career, and my life in general have all changed as a result of joining the LWO. Since I never imagined that I would ever be a good guy, it is a completely new kind of person for me. I feel like I get to showcase a completely different part of myself, and getting to train with Rey Mysterio is an opportunity I never imagined I'd have, said Vega.

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