Emergence of new champions: FIFA Women's World Cup Finals 2023

Scholastica Boniface Effiong
20th Aug, 2023

This season has been unique, thrilling, and full of celebrations from small victories to making historical records. It began with 32 teams, each hoping to make their countries proud, win titles,

and hopefully win the FIFA women’s world cup and now, after beautiful performances and intriguing matches, it comes down to two teams that have proven to be outstanding.

Teams that made the headline this year include the Nigerian women’s football team which recorded an excellent performance from it’s players, but was unfortunately unable to make the quarter finals as they lost to England in a penalty shoot out 4-2. Even the Lionesses testified that defeating Nigeria was no easy feat. USA ,also were unable to secure the FIFA women’s World cup for the third time in a row as they knocked out of the tournament by Spain before reaching the quarterfinals. Lastly, Jamaica Women’s football team, despite not having enough resources, showed courage and persistence by setting up a GoFundMe account titled “ Reggae Girls Rise Up” to pay for their trip and raised nearly $50,000.

It is also worthy of note that in addition to Nigeria and South Africa, Morocco and Zambia were able to compete for the first time in FIFA Women’s World Cup, bringing the total number of Women African teams this year to four.

With New Zealand and Australia hosting FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, the opening match of the season witnessed a battle between New Zealand and Norway at Eden park, Auckland on the 20th of July,2023.

The closing match of the season will feature the two last standing countries, both debutants, the first time this is happening since the beginning of FIFA Women’s in 1991, Spain versus England and will be happening live at Stadium Australia, Sydney on 20 August 2023 at 11:00(WAT). This match remains unpredictable as both teams have no previous record of contesting in the Finals.

For the season’s finale, an American Tori Pepsi has been selected to be FIFA Women’s World Cup Final 2023 referee.

Here are the season’s facts and figures that has made History;

• England has shown an impressive performance which led to the team achieving a 13-goal record, previously made in 2019.

• Sarina Wegman is the first coach to led two different countries to the FIFA Women’s World cup finals.

All odds for the season’s finals are evenly placed. Each team desperate to make history for themselves and their nations. Which team will win FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023?