Who will emerge to the Finals? FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

Scholastica Boniface Effiong
16th Aug, 2023

Leading the semifinals in the FIFA women's World cup 2023 are Spain, Sweden, Australia, and England.

With two first-time teams in semifinals, this season has been one to behold. After the enthralling battle between Spain and Sweden on the pitch on 15th August, Spain emerged victorious for the first time ever, scoring 2-1 against their opponents. It comes down to Australia and England to show their prowess on the pitch.

The football match between Australia and England is set to take place on 16th August 2023 at Stadium Australia, Sydney by 11:00 (WAT).

With the previous victors comprising USA, Germany, Japan and Norway, absent from the semifinals, this year will witness new champions

After barely managing to beat France, recording the longest penalty shootout in World cup history in the quarterfinals, the Australian women's team, popularly known as the Matildas', will be facing a more seasoned opponent for the first time in their home stadium in Sydney.

On the contrary, England's women'

s team, popularly known as the Lionesses cleared through the quarterfinals, beating Colombia 2-1.

The Matildas' last encounter with England occurred in April 2023, which resulted in a victorious outcome for the former and putting an end to England’s 30-game unbeaten streak. However, that victory is nothing compared to the upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup.

This marks the first season that the Australian women's team has secured a spot in the semifinals. By contrast, the Lionesses has previously reached this stage twice ( in 2015 and 2019) though, they have yet to advance to the final stage of competition.

Remarks by Australian coach Tony Gustavsson on the match suggest that despite the celebration for reaching the semifinals for the first time, the team is aware that they are on a mission and will be focused.

Additionally, remarks from England's forward, Bethany England, also suggest that though the noise from the crowd may not be for the team, they shall not distract the team as they have experienced similar environments before. She is of the opinion that it will be a unique and thrilling game.

The debate on which team will emerge successfully to the finals is heated. Can the Matildas' rise to the occasion and make history, or will the Lionesses make it through and reach the much awaited finals?

The answers to these questions will be known in the pitch, making this season's semifinals one to remember.