World Cup 2022: Australia beats Denmark 1-0 to advance to round of 16

30th Nov, 2022

Australia were briefly pushed off the table after Tunisia took the lead over France on the 58th minute mark, but quickly regained their qualification dreams through a Matthew Leckie’s solo goal just 2 minutes after at the 60th minute.

Denmark kept attacking Australia in a must-win game, creating waves of chances off goal, But the elusive goal was never achieved.

The Socceroos made them pay for their profligacy as Matthew Leckie caught the ball from Riley McGory on the hour mark and confuses Joe Kimmeler twice before scoring through his legs and past the outstretched Cass Paschmeichel. The second win of the tournament sent the Socceroos into the knockout stages, despite Tunisia’s surprise victory over France.

Australia celebrates