WWE Superstar recalls beating up Machine Gun Kelly

Cyriacus Anaeto
16th Jun, 2022

Owens is no stranger to controversy in storylines. The Prizefighter recently came out of a WrestleMania feud against the entire state of Texas and straight into a program with Ezekiel, who has claimed to be Elias' little brother. KO is dead set on proving that the newcomer has been Elias all along.

Owens was just as controversial seven years ago. This is something he displayed in a recent Twitter post featuring rapper Machine Gun Kelly. On a 2015 edition of RAW after Kelly performed live, the Canadian-born star emerged and attacked the musician, powerbombing him off the stage through a table. The former Universal Champion noted that the incident feels a lot more recent.

Machine Gun Kelly features in WWE 2K22

Machine Gun Kelly's song, Concert For Aliens, features on the WWE 2K22 soundtrack alongside the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and Poppy. The musician also features a playable character in the official video game.

The rapper is available as part of the celebrity DLC pack, which also features YouTuber and influencer Logan Paul, and WrestleMania I celebrity competitor Mr T.