"You've created many enemies" – Sheamus lashes out at former WWE Champion after SmackDown

Cyriacus Anaeto
18th Jun, 2022

Both McIntyre and Sheamus were called into the ring this week by WWE Official Adam Pearce. He announced that the Celtic Warrior would be part of the Money in the Bank match. But before he could complete, the Brawling Brutes member started making fun of his former friend. This infuriated the two-time WWE Champion and he started a brawl.

However, Pearce intervened and mentioned that McIntyre had also been inserted into the ladder match at the premium live event.

Megan Morant caught up with Sheamus after the show. He was furious that McIntyre was trying to steal his moment. He vowed to smash McIntyre's face in with a ladder and promised to bring Fight Night to the event.

"Guess what Drew? The good news is that you're gonna be in there with me and I'm gonna have every opportunity to smash your bleeding face in with a ladder because there's a lot of them mate. You fella are all alone. You've created many enemies, including me. It's gonna be my night. You might be in the match, but it's gonna be all about me. It's gonna be all about the Brawling Brutes, and at Money in the Bank, it's gonna be Fight Night," the Celtic Warrior said