"Who the heck" - Alexa Bliss seemingly fires shots at AEW wrestler

Ella Jason
10th Jun, 2022

Cargill and The Fallen Goddess are currently involved in a feud on AEW TV, which began after the latter debuted at AEW Double or Nothing several weeks ago. After Athena shared a selfie on Twitter referring to herself as sassy, classy and a goddess, Jade threw some shade towards her by referencing NXT 2.0 star Mandy Rose.

This is a reference to Athena's comments about WWE wanting female stars to look like the current NXT Women's Champion. Jade Cargill tweeted:

"You ask me. You look rather “Mandy-ish”. I thought you weren’t trying to be sexy? got close to a REAL goddess and seen you have to switch it up! but you guys want this woman to take my spot? B*tch GTFOH."

Athena responded to the tweet by comparing her rival to Mandy Rose and Charlotte Flair.

"Jade Cargill that's real rich coming from someone who's also buff blonde... Mandy & Charlotte are already taken. Move on hussy. I hope you keep that same energy next time I see you..." - Athena wrote.