His entrance brought tears to my eyes - Becky Lynch

6th Apr, 2023

WWE's wrestlemania 39 was held this weekend and it was one to remember, Plenty wrestlers stood out but there was Seth Freakin Rollins, who walked in with a red robe jacket designed by King Troi along with gear customized by Sarath Ton and Jolene Jilnicki, orchestra conductor and all. That was enough for his wife, Becky Lynch, to put it above everything else on the card.other performance that night.


“I think his entrance,” she told ESPN after remarking that “it’s always terrible to follow my husband.” She explained why she picked her husband’s entrance as the best. “I’m gonna pick his entrance as my number one. Only because it brought tears to my eyes,” she continued.

“It brought tears to my eyes just hearing the audience and seeing the conductor getting everybody going,” Lynch added. “And then he comes out looking the way he came out. Amazing. Incredible.”